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Is Bankruptcy for Me?
Is bankruptcy good for me?
Outstanding debt is a growing problem for many of us. The economy brings concerns with unemployment, credit availability, and fear of foreclosure. Many of our clients have found that filing bankruptcy is the right choice for their financial futures. If you are drowning in debt or if you need to stop creditor harassment, a garnishment, a repossesson, or a foreclosure filing bankruptcy might be an option for you. Law Advisors, S.C. can help you carefully evaluate if bankruptcy is the righ choice for you.
I have heard that bankruptcy can hurt me more than it will help me. Is this true?
Let's get one thing straight - most people that tell you this are probably creditors (AKA the people that want you to pay them at all costs). There have been many misconceptions about filing bankruptcy over the years. The bottom line is that it may not be for all circumstances but your best bet is to talk with Law Advisors, S.C. to get the facts and better understand the options available to you.
So how does filing bankruptcy actually help me?
Thousands of our client have filed bankruptcy. This process may help you by:
  • Eliminating or reducing debt
  • Stopping a foreclosure
  • Stopping a repossession
  • Stopping a garnishment
  • Stopping creditor harassment
  • Giving you the breathing room you deserve

Many people have been able to eliminate their bills by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other have been able to stop foreclosure and save their homes by filing Chapter 13.



Can bankruptcy really stop foreclosure?

The filing of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy most often results in an automatic court order through the bankruptcy court that prevents a creditor, such as a lender, from taking any action against the person filing the bankruptcy. This court order ultimatly stops the foreclosure proceeding. In order to proceed with foreclosure, the lender must then get special perimission from the bankruptcy court to do so. Keep in mind that it is better to start this process before it is too late. If you wait too long and the court order does not come thtough befoe the foreclosure date your home may be lost. Act now and contact Law Advisors, S.C. today!
I don't have enough money to file bankruptcy so how could you help me anyway?
If you file Chapter 13 the legal fees can be structured so that the majority of the fees are paid through the Chapter 13 plan over 36 to 60 months. There will be some upfront costs but Law Advisors, S.C. is willing to work with you.
If you file a Chapter 7, we do offer resonable monthly payment plans to pay our fees. No matter what type of bankruptcy you file, we're glad to work with you because we realize that if you had a money tree growing in your backyard that you wouldn't need our help!